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Heiva International

Matani Kainuku, Nonahere Association,
"La Maison de la Culture", "Le Conservatoire de Polynesie Francaise"
and Porinetia Adventures Travel Agency

have the pleasure to announce the 2nd Heiva International and Ori Tahiti World cup in March/April 2018.

The Heiva International & Ori Tahiti World Cup is organized to unite the nations around the world in a tradition of competition dating back thousands of years. This spectacular event takes place every other year giving dance groups time to prepare and improve for the following competition.
The Ori Tahiti has gained worldwide visibility in the last years and is now a real forum for Tahitians, and enthusiasts of the culture alike to share their passion and experiences of the dance, music and culture through their presentations.

The Heiva International & Ori Tahiti World Cup promise a stimulating, multi-disciplinary platform aimed at providing a competitive and enriching environment in which groups will be judged and critiqued to the highest standards. It will feature the best and brighest experts from Tahiti and around the world, who will share their compelling analysis and valuable insights.

Join us and take part in an extraordinary event and exclusive ambience: Tahiti! ​

Maruuruu, Manava, Iaorana
Matani Kainuku (Creator & Chief Executive Organizer)
and the Heiva International / Ori Tahiti World Cup team

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Heiva International

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